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Service as action

Service is part of action and our learners at TCIS are encouraged to take part in social service projects to be caring members of the local and global community, by demonstrating personal commitment to services that make a difference to the lives of others and the environment.

a. Fist full of rice

To promote generosity among learners and make them empathetic towards the less fortunate the learners of Grade 3 to 5 were taken to “Cottolengo Special Education School, Whitefield”. The learners saw how skilfully the children made paper bags out of newspapers to make themselves self-sufficient. Due to the commendable efforts of the school management and needless to say our Principal Ms. Priya Anand our learners donated 90kg of rice to feed these children. This act of generosity made our learners realise how important it is to help others in need.

b. Book Donation Drive

To spread the joy of reading, our TCIS Grade 4 and 5 learners under the guidance of our Principal Ms. Priya Anand undertook a Book Donation Drive. The learners brought old books which once had regaled them, helped them through a rough patch or brought a smile to their face. To pass on the same feeling to children who don’t have the luxury to buy books these books were given to the children at the local Government school. This act of kindness made our learners more sensitive, compassionate and understanding.

Field trips

Nothing beats an exciting hands on experience to deepen learning. The magic of a field trip isn’t just the subject, it’s the break in routine an adventure that opens up children’s minds to new things. To bridge the gap between education and hands on experience we at TCIS take our students on field trips to bring lessons to life.

HAL Museum and Heritage Centre

In keeping with the transdisciplinary theme “How the World Works” for the topic technology which was taught to the students from Grade 1 to 5 by the Language Department, all PYP learners were taken on afield trip to the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum on December 18th , 2019. The museum showcases the growth of the Indian Aviation Industry for the past 6 decades and displays various aircrafts and helicopters. The students enjoyed walking through beautiful well-maintained gardens of the museum and they thoroughly enjoyed the field trip.

Visit to the French Bakery

The students who have opted for French as a language were taken to a French Bakery in Whitefield on 22nd October 2019.The purpose of the trip was to explore the French cuisine. At the bakery students were exposed to the traditional way to prepare the French croissants and French bread. They also ate the croissants and relished them.

Star Supermarket and Whitefield Police Station and Fire station

Grade 1 students went on a trip on 1st October 2019 in keeping with the concept “My neighbourhood” and “Community Helpers”. The students were taken to Star Market, Whitefield Police station and Whitefield Fire Station. They enjoyed the shopping experience with each child being given a small amount of money by the school to shop for anything of their choice with their teacher’s help. Each child stood in the checkout line and experienced the checkout process at a supermarket.

Next they went to the police station where they were warmly received and taken on a guided tour of the facility including the investigation room, the lockup and the gunroom. They met the police inspector and enjoyed the hospitality of the department each receiving chocolates from them.

At the end they were taken to the Fire station where the staff organised a demo for the children with all the hose attachments and a fireman in uniform (fire suit, gumboots and a helmet). They were taught the different categories of fire and each kind is extinguished. They had a great experience and came back happy and more knowledgeable.

Martin’s Farm

As an extension to the transdisciplinary theme “sharing the planet “our tiny tots explored ‘The Martin Farm”. It started with an engaging introduction to the farm ,its garden and the animals. Students had a hands-on experience of feeding goats, ducks and geese, patting rabbits, Guinea pigs and other animals. They got an insight into how to care for rescued animals and why it is our responsibility to share the planets with animals responsibly. The Iguana and the Ram “RAMBO” were the main attraction of the trip.

Literature Festival

Students of Grade 4 and 5 attended the Literature festival at Neev Academy. The festival had conversation with authors, publishers, educators, parents and children as well as numerous events and workshops centered on books and reading. Our students attended a workshop by author Shabnam Minwala. It was a great learning for them, it aimed to grow readers for life and make reading part of every home. The students reflected on the importance of reading and discussing about books .


Spelling Bee 2019 - 2020

The Spelling Bee inter-house competition was successfully held in school on Sept 23rd, among learners from Grades 1 – 5. There was one contestant per class from each of the four houses. The spellers were very enthusiastic and put up a good fight. They successfully spelled challenging words like ‘technology’, ‘digestive’ and ‘neighborhood’. There were three rounds conducted and each speller got to spell one word in each round. At the end of an engaging 3 rounds, our winners, grade-wise were Aadya Gowda (Helios house, Grade 1), Aaradhya Kakkar (Vulcan house, Grade 2), Agasthya Mishra (Zeus house, Grade 3), Ishit Kumar (Vulcan house, Grade 5).
It is said that a Spelling Bee can take every student on a journey of discovery, experiencing language in a fun and inspiring way, all while being exposed to entirely new worlds through a love of words. We, at TCIS hope that this event inspires our learners to build their vocabulary and develop a love for reading, in keeping with our motto, ‘learners today, leaders tomorrow’.

Just A Minute 2019 -2020

As a part of enhancing communication skills among the learners, an Inter-House JAM Competition was held on 31st July, 2019. Learners from all the houses took active participation in the competition. All participants were seated house-wise and this enabled loud cheering for each house and the competitive spirit ran high. Our honorable Principal and the Pre primary coordinator were the judges. All participants spoke very fluently and flawlessly without any break for one minute. All the contestants were eloquent and imaginative in their ideas. The audience enjoyed the speeches and applauded loudly for their house members.

Poetry Competition 2019 -2020

” Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words ” – Robert Frost
A Poetry Recitation Competition was organized on August 2nd, 2019 at TCIS for the learners of Grade 1- 5. Recitation is one of the most important and effective modes of learning a language and appreciating a piece of literature. Taking all this into consideration, the learners got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.
The competition inspired the learners to come forward and recite on stage. Participants were judged on parameters like the coherence of form and structure, clarity of language, creativity, and voice modulation. The learners recited poems in Kannada, French, and Hindi with great zeal and enthusiasm.
A panel of judges comprising of our Principal, Mr. Thyagaraj, Ms. Lovely Bhat and Ms. Wiem made the final judgement. The event was well appreciated and our Principal applauded the efforts put in by the participants.

Carol Singing Competition 2019 – 2020

‘Carol’ means a song of praise and joy.With Christmas around the corner, an inter house Carol Singing Competition for the entire school was held on 20th December 2019. The participants from Grade 1 to Grade 5 put forth an enthralling performance. Our Principal Ms. Priya Anand and Ms. Sharmila judged the competition. The young students sang a variety of Christmas Carols spreading the message of faith, happiness and peace. The competition engaged students in singing carols, building teamwork, working and singing in unison that set the mood and built anticipation among all when the results were being declared.
Vulcan house won the first prize followed by Zues and Demeter at the second place. It is rightly said that Carol singing at Christmas time is a wonderful way to spread the festive cheer and sense of togetherness and that was evident in TCIS Campus.

Poster Making Competition 2019 -2020

Learners of TCIS participated in the Poster Making Competition from Grades 1 to 5. The competition was held on 23rd Jan 2020 to bring out the creative expression of the students. Students displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters on the given topics. The themes were ‘Green India Clean India’ for Pre Primary, ‘My India’ for Grade 1-3 ‘ and ‘My Country My Pride’ for Grade 4 and 5.

Poster making Competition for World Environment Day 2020 -2021

Keeping the tradition of celebrating the World Environment Day, we at TCIS conducted an online poster making competition for Grades 6 and 7 on 8th June 2020.The theme being “A step towards a Greener Earth” saw children making beautiful posters depicting various ways to save the flora and fauna of our planet. They made striking posters bringing out their real concern to keep our environment green. The event was organized by our Visual Arts Department under the able guidance of Ms. Saranya. Our Principal Ms. Priya Anand judged the competition.
Students involved themselves enthusiastically and creatively displayed their perception of the topic through vibrant colors. They chose a medium, explored and analysed the concept and finally came up with unique creations of their own, thus displaying their creative, thinking and research skills. Working together and discussing their ideas with their peers made them good communicators. Finally, they reflected on their role of saving the environment and surviving in a greener Earth.

Just A Minute 2020 -2021

An extempore carried in style. It was the first MYP JAM session of the year and was a hit with students and judges alike. Just a Minute (JAM) is a format, wherein a one-minute extempore speech, has to be presented by the participants, without any preparation. The topics are handed over only a few seconds to a minute earlier, allowing the participants to think and organize their thoughts.
Not only were the topics very interesting and relevant, but also was the presentation, provocative to say the least. Students’ excitement began with the visual characters they could choose following by
handover of the topic. An impromptu performance lasting a minute was the expectation. Students were heard talking about how they would like to change the world if there was a time machine to the future of social media as seen through their eyes. More topics included but were not limited to – importance of hard work, power of gratitude, the rise of online learning & importance of money in life.
It was a meaningful way to build thinking as well as communication skills at the same time. Modeling a behavior goes a long way in building character of our future citizens. What better way to model fairness and honesty than to judge any event or competition through the lens of a rubric known to participants and judges at the same time? This marks another well-organized, meaningful event at TCIS Whitefield.

Week beyond walls

Learning outdoors is one of the best ways that can provide every learner with real world experiences and contextual learning by relating it to the concepts covered under the theme ‘ How we express ourselves”. To broaden the horizon of learning our learners for an entire week enjoyed gaining knowledge through fun filled educational trips.

  • The Pre primary students visited : Star market, Axis Bank , Fire Station , HAL museum and Heritage Centre.

  • The Primary students visited : The Planetarium , Plant nursery, Decathlon , Sandesh Museum of communication and Bannerghatta National Park


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